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2011-08-13 11:13:21 by pivotMaster253

I just got Portal 2 and I think it is AWESOME.
I just got it from Game stop and a few Wii games
but I play Xbox and my brother plays the Wii



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2011-08-13 14:03:01

I am not surprised that you didn't get it for the PC.

pivotMaster253 responds:

well my computer sucks and it lags to much so I got it for the xbox


2011-08-17 09:04:55

What type of game is portal? i heard it was horror (what?) then action, and guess what, whoop-de-freakin-do, it's a FREAKING PUZZLE! WHAT IS IT? Btw, glad you got it ill play out with some memes. O<--< "ToT"
" "

pivotMaster253 responds:

oh the horror part is the big computer going crazy and it is just a fun puzzel game sorry for bad grammar


2011-08-20 03:23:46

You will get the red rings soon. lol 99% you will it happened to me when I only played it for only like 4 hours

pivotMaster253 responds:

aw crap better save up money now